La Timbale

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La Timbale

La Timbale - Bistrot Restaurant - PARIS

La Timbale is a mandatory stop located between Montmartre and Saint-Ouen flea market. It's a popular Bistrot frequented daily by résidents or tourists. Here we saw Paris. Away from the bars and brasseries formatted and conceptualized, La Timbale's style is not to have one. Or rather. An everyday style, timeless and permanent. A place like home, where it is certain to be welcomed smiles to the lips.

Here at the corner of Versigny and Mont Cenis streets, between the Simplon and Jules Joffrin metro, the 18th district remains popular. Without ostentation. La Timbale is as its image. At the opening, at 7 am, the first coffee drinkers pose elbows on the bar. Turning the pages of newspapers. Engage in conversation with the neighbor. Throughout the day, the bistro counter sees a mixed Paris. Which also sits down for lunch and dinner. Before putting the world to friends, until the close, when it is already 2 hours.

Meals served at La Timbale are fresh cuisine, original and accessible. Traditional dishes are served alongside with happiness bold culinary creations. Anti-gaspi, pro-recycling, commit to the protection of the planet, La Timbale consider the global challenges and environmental issues. For example, the bistro signed charters for ocean resource conservation with the NGO "Ethic Ocean" , and observes, optimistic, mutations of the restaurant business.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

07:00 - 02:00


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